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General Race Information

aiim-race-informationRace Director:

Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce
1716 Lake Shore Dr West
P O Box 746
Ashland, WI  54806
(715) 682-2500

Race Date & Start:

Marathon & Half – June 20th, 2020 @ 8:30am

All time approximate and subject to change.
*****This is how the starting waves will go:
1. ALL PRO/ADV – OPEN TO 49 MALE wait 1 minute
2. ALL PRO/ADV – 50 and OVER MALE wait 1 minute
3. ALL PRO/ADV – WOMEN wait 1 minute
4. ALL FULL MALE FITNESS REC wait 1 minute
6. ALL HALF FITNESS REC wait 1 minute

 Official start times will be announced.

It is very important that you skate in the Division you sign up in.
Changing divisions on your own can create inaccuracies with timing results.
Quad skates and Cross drafting is allowed.

Race Safety

Helmets are mandatory to participate in the event (marathon & ALMT half marathon participants must be 10 or older). Mad Fun Skate participants must be 8 or older.  Wrist guards, knee and elbow pads are recommended.  Inline and Quad skates allowed.  NO roller skis ski poles, baby strollers, baby joggers, automobiles, skateboards, bikes, bandits, pets, or little red wagons.  Headphone use is prohibited.

Race Etiquette

Elite, Pros, Veterans…..Everyone, please remember .. you were all novice skaters once… Let’s make Apostle Islands Inline race the race where everyone is nice to everyone!  Thank You!


The Apostle Islands Inline races will be chip timed by Anderson Race Management using the Chrono Track® chip technology.  D-tags are used as a secondary timing device.  Click here to see how to place your d-tag timing tag once you receive your packet.

Lodging Packages

Check out the lodging page for lodging information.