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Frequently Asked Questions

Apostle Island Inline FAQ

What is the course like?
The Apostle Islands Inline Races will be held on an 8.7 mile looped course of town roads & a county highway.  The marathon will be three laps of this course.   The course offers a scenic mix of flats, curves and straight-aways.  The course is a beautiful course offering extraordinary glimpses of the beautiful Lake Superior shoreline.  The course offers two hair pin turns, various curves, flats and skaters of all levels will be able to participate in this event.

Are there water stations along the course?
Yes, we have two water stations.

Do you place Port-a-Potties along the course?
No Port-a-Potties are located at the start/finish area only.

May I pick up my race packet the morning of the race?
Yes, from 6-7:15am on Saturday at the Madeline Island Ferry Dock/Bayfield side.

If I can’t pick up my race packet, can a friend pick it up for me?
Yes someone may pick up your packet but they must be able to verify your information, such as name, address, age, DOB, and event you plan on racing.

Do you have a Bag Drop at the start?
In the Pavilion near the start area we will have bags and stickers for you.  Just write your bib number on the sticker, place the sticker on the bag and give the bag to the volunteer and they will watch it during the race.

Can I switch my finisher shirt for a different size?
If we have shirts left over after the race you can exchange your shirt for another size.

I am injured, pregnant, or no longer able to attend the race, can I get a refund?
Entry fees are non-refundable. The only exception that will be made to our “no refund policy” is for those who are on active military duty and are deployed for service (a copy of deployment orders is required).

It is the primary goal of the apostle Islands Inline to ensure a safe event for all involved. We will not expose participants or the community as a whole to undue risk as a result of staging our event. There may be times when we feel it is unsafe to continue with the race(s). While we recognize the aspirations and commitment of those that have entered the race(s), we will make decisions about the race(s) based on the participation population as a whole. Furthermore, if the community resources are threatened we will act to protect them from unnecessary stress.

Specifically, when pandemics, weather, or other physical conditions present a danger to participants as a whole, we maintain the right to cancel the race(s). Less threatening conditions could result in an alteration of the course or race length to promote a more safe result for the participants. These conditions will be recognized as “an act of God” and will not result in the refunding of race entry fees or future race credits. The staging of a race of this magnitude results in substantial expense prior to the actual race itself. Thus, in the event of a forced cancellation of the event, it is very likely that the financial impact on the race would not be any different than if the race was held without compromise.  We will not defer registrants to 2025

Can I defer my entry to next year?
No. Entry deferments are not permitted under any circumstances.

Can I give/sell my registration to another person?
Yes.  If you have registered for the Apostle Islands Inline Race you may sell or pass on your registration to another person.  In order for this to happen you must send us a letter notifying us you are allowing us to change your registration to the person and then the person must fill out a registration form and mail or fax it to our office.  There may be a fee depending on the date the request is made.

Can I change my race category?
Yes changes in registration can be made until June 7.  After June 7, there is a $10 change fee.  Changes will not be allowed after June 13.

How do I know what category to sign up for?

Pro/Adv:This division is for Elite, Experienced Skaters, not beginners.

  • Pro/Adv: Open  – for skaters under 30 or by choice
  • Pro/Adv: Master  – for skaters 30-39
  • Pro/Adv: Veteran  – for skaters 40-49
  • Pro/Adv: Grand Vet  – for skaters 50-59
  • Pro/Adv: Super Vet  – for skaters 60 and above

Fitness Rec – This division is for a skater that enjoys racing but not quite up to the Pro/Adv level.

  • Senior– A skater that’s age is 11 to 17 years of age.  To be eligible to win youth award you must be signed up in the Fitness/Rec division.
  • Junior – A skater that’s age is 10 to 12 years of age.  To be eligible to win youth award you must be signed up in the Fitness/Rec division.
  • Mad Skate – a skater that is not quite up to the Fitness Rec level.
  • Quad Skate – full marathon must be able to complete with in 3 hours.


Is Drafting permitted?
Cross-gender drafting is permitted. All slower skaters are requested to skate in the right side of the track to allow for incident free passing by faster skaters in the left lane.

Are Quad Skates allowed?
Yes, rollerblades and quad skates are allowed.  If register for the full marathon must be able to complete with in 3 hours.

Bib Placement
All participants must wear their bib numbers. You will receive 2 bibs, ONE on EACH HIP.  One on the left hip, one on the right hip.

What Protective Equipment is required?
All participants are required to wear a helmet.  Wrist protection, knee and elbow pads are recommended.

What is not allowed?
Headphones, baby joggers, strollers, skateboards and animals are not permitted on the course.


Inclement Weather Policy   If lightning race will be delayed.  Weather notifications will be posted on the Apostle Islands Inline Facebook Page.

Chip Timing

The Apostle Islands Inline races will be timed by Mangled Momentum Event Timing using the Jaguar Timing Services.

I want to volunteer! Who do I contact?
There are some volunteer opportunities available.  Contact JoAnn at the Chamber office at (715) 682-2500 or e-mail her at

Where can I park on race day?
There is ample parking in various parking areas within 3 blocks of the Ferry Dock in Bayfield. Parking is also available on the Island.  Check out the website for the parking maps.

Results can be found shortly after the race on our website

Lost & Found:
Lost & found items will be held for one week after the race.  Contact our office at 715-682-2500 or by email if you think you have left something behind.